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The Canadian Karate Association is a structured and

democratic organisation that aims at the promotion,

organisation and administration of the practice of karate in







Fondamentals Values

Karate transmits fundamental inherent values to all balanced societies: self respect and respect of others, concentration, control, mastering, discipline, courage and humility. By the humanity values that he promoted, karate is a enriched way for an individual as much as for the society.

C.K.A. respect of body and soul

The C.K.A. encourage is members to practice karate with a holy body and soul. To do so, they make sure that teaching is of superior quality by supervising instructors of dojos and by offering improvement and practice seminars.

Even more, the C.K.A. has given it self the mission to supply the tools necessary to favour all it’s members in their dojos.



  • Gather different styles of karate throughout Canada;
  • Intervene near governments and municipal organisation to obtain susceptible advantages to improve the practice of karate;
  • Promote karate and to see that it is practice in a healthy and secure way;
  • Favour the accessibility of the practice of karate for all groups of ages has much as for men and women;
  • To allow the development of an elite;



The A.C. is compose mainly of the following officials:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Directors

Eligibility conditions
To request and obtain a position in the administrative council, you must be an individual member of the association for at least 3 years and must be at least 18 years of age.

A maximum of two positions for the A.C. of the association could be filled by the same individual member coming from the same collective member (dojo) in order, or from the same recognized association.

The mandate for any members of the A.C. cannot be more than 2 consecutive mandates. However, after 4 years, if no one applies or remains by a unanimous vote, an old member can re-present himself to a mandates that he has previously fulfilled.

Nomination process
All candidature in any A.C. position must be second by at least two collective members that are in rule with the association. All candidatures are transmitted to the secretary of the association before the beginning of the general assembly. However, a candidature can be accepted during the general assembly in condition that the simple majority of voting representatives be in agreement.

a) President
The president is the official chief officer and spoke person for the association. He looks out for the general interest of the association and sees to the order and function of the administrative council.

b) Vice-President
The vice-president assist the president in all of his duties. In case of absence or resignation of the president, he will be the spoke person for the association. He looks out for specifics interests of the association and sees to the order of the council.

c) Secretary
The secretary is responsible for holding all records and meeting minutes for the administrative council and the general assembly. He sees to good internal communication and the broadcasting of all information to members.

d) Treasurer
The treasurer is responsible for the preparation of budgets and financial statements of the association. He sees to a good management and control of the budget and goods of the association, and sees that the payments are made and the money is collected.

e) Directors
The directors assist the other officers to the execution of all other necessary tasks of the association. He manages the human resources and is responsible for the relations between other members of the association and there assigned sectors..



The A.C. administers the association businesses. He possesses the power to exercise all tasks that are devolve to him in virtue of the Law or that are planned in the present rules.

The principals tasks of the a.c. are the following:

  • Manage the budget and the goods of the association;
  • Determines the division of the founds in regard to the different missions of the association;
  • Authorizes the spendings and approves the comity budget;
  • Supervises the subscription activities to the profit of the association or under protection of the association;
  • Sees to the broadcast of information on behalf of the association and the establishment of adequate internal communication;
  • Supervises and directs the public relations and the external relations, notably the relations with governmental organisations and the sportive organisations;
  • Designate the spoke-person of the association in different files;
  • Authorizes and supervise the organisation and the keeping of sportive tournaments under the aegis of the association;
  • To watch and maintain the reputation of the association and supervises all aspects of deontologists and etics on behalf of the association;
  • Supervises the registrar, the secretary and the material resources of the association;
  • Receives complaints concerning the function of the association or one of it’s committee, and takes the appropriate measures to answer in a satisfying way;
  • Sees to the execution of the mandates given by the general assembly.


 The C.K.A. reserves all rights to remove or comite changes at any time without any notice. Copyrights 2008