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Latest News: June 7, 2022

Clinic Recap

We would like to give our grateful thanks to Hanshi Tom Fleming for his continuous and generous help to the Canadian Karate Association. Today, the CKA held a Brown and Black Belt Clinic at Hanshi's Dojo in Howick. This is one of the clinics required to fulfill the next level. Hanshi Fleming's Dojo is such a recall of an immense amount of memories and sweat required to be the best we can be in every way possible. Hanshi Fleming, thank you for your great hospitality and knowledge. You carry and provide great insight with all Belts. The next clinic will be held in Ottawa or Orleans (date and place TBD)

June 4, 2022: Brown and Black Belt Clinic

The CKA will host a Brown and Black Belt Clinic at Hanshi Tom Fleming's Dojo 20 Mill Street, Howick June 4th, 2022. From 10h to 15h. Cost is 50$. Bring your lunch and your passeport.

2021 Black Belt Awards

Congratulations to all of the successful black-belt candidates in 2021. Here are some photos from our awards ceremony

2021-22 Enregistrement/Registration

Price for registration and insurance will be as follows:

  1. Club CKA Registration and Insurance: 120$ per year
  2. Black Belt CKA Lifetime Membership: 100$ one-time fee
  3. Black Belt Yearly Instructor Insurance: 100$ per year
  4. Color Belt CKA Yearly Membership and Insurance: $50 per year